Furniture Trends in 2018

There have been furniture trends ever since humans discovered they could make furniture in the first place. Minimalism gives way to extravagance then the trend is reversed. Fluorescently bright colors yield to neutrals, neutrals yield to neon. There’s no doubt that the furniture trends for 2018 are noticeably different from those of even a few years ago. Our company Las Vegas Custom Furniture Makers put together this post with some of them:

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Velvet Furniture

Insanely popular during the Victorian era, velvet-upholstered furniture is now making a comeback. Specifically, what is making a comeback is the blue velvet overstuffed couch. Velvet, by the way, is a fabric with a pile that is short and thick on the top and plain on the back. A versatile fabric, it can be striped, figure or plain and made out of all manner of fibers, including wool, silk, cotton and synthetics. Velvet furniture is especially sumptuous when used with fringe.

Concrete Furniture

This sounds off-putting to some people, but concrete furniture can enhance an industrial look and add heft to a room whose decor seems too ethereal. Moreover, concrete does not have to be dull, rough and gray. It can now be polished to a mirror shine and imitate natural stone such as granite or marble.

Alternative Wood

According to designers, the silvery-gray of weathered wood is at least temporarily out of fashion. Now wood for furniture is bleached to a distressed-looking gold by the sun, or it is simply raw and rough-hewn. Wood is also used with unexpected materials such as concrete or lucite.


Red sofas, chairs or tables are automatically eye-catching in a room. It might only take one of these vibrant pieces of furniture to keep an otherwise neutral room from being uninspiring.

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Modern Furniture

A person can be forgiven for believing that every piece of furniture they’ve just bought is modern. But Modern, or Moderne is actually a style that arose in the 1920s. Though the look varies according to the designer, these pieces of furniture are characterized by clean lines, little or no ornamentation and functionality. An example of Moderne furniture is the Barcelona chair, which is coming back into style with its tufted leather back and simply curved metal legs.

Mustard Yellow

This color looks especially fetching on Modern pieces of furniture such as upholstered chairs inspired by Arne Jacobsen. The color is bright enough to add some dash to a room but not so bright that it calls too much attention to itself.

Worn Leather

Leather always brings a certain masculine coziness to a room. Worn leather, with its attractive scuffs and dings, makes a room even cozier. It’s just the thing not only for a sofa or chair but an ottoman or storage bench that might do double-duty as a coffee table.


Lucite, or plexiglas, or perspex has been around a surprisingly long time but came into use as furniture during the Modern period. It has regained some of its popularity in 2018 as footstools and tables. In 2018 it is even seen as legs for tables whose tops are made out of completely different materials.

Game Tables

These little tables are, as their name says, used for games. In use since at least the 18th century, they are enjoying a comeback because of their small size and versatility. Many of them have checkerboard tops and drawers to hold the checkers and chess pieces. Some have casters to let them be moved easily from place to place.

Old Fashioned Chairs Painted Bright Colors

Another 2018 furniture trend is to paint old-fashioned chairs such as Windsor and bentwood chairs surprising colors such as pastel blues, pinks and greens. A group of these chairs around the kitchen table adds real panache to the room.