Custom Couch Design Ideas

Though a homeowner can go into any furniture store in Las Vegas and buy any sofa that fits in their livingroom, some homeowners want more. At Las Vegas Custom Furniture Makers we know this to be true. They want the couch of their imagination to go into the room of their dreams. Maybe the couch is thoroughly modern or harkens back to the Victorian age or even earlier to the era of the French Bourbon kings. Here are some custom couch ideas to consider:

Modern Design Ideas


Sectionals have different parts that can be combined according to the taste or the needs of the homeowner. They can be placed at angles to each other or placed together to form a bed for a guest or a place for a member of the family to stretch out for a nap or watch TV. Some have sections that serve as storage units with upholstered lids. Sectionals can be upholstered in a wealth of fabrics, including leather, natural fibers such as cotton or wool or synthetics such as nylon. These fabrics can be dyed a panoply of colors. Sectionals can be backless or armless or have tufted backs and elegantly scrolled arms.

Something a Bit Different

Instead of sectionals, a person who has a smallish room to decorate can opt for graceful but smaller couches such as a leather-upholstered, chrome framed couch based on a design by Le Corbusier or a leather convertible with tufted seat and back based on the Constanze bench. Really out-there designs include the space-aged, organic looking couches designed by Luigi Colani.

More Traditional


One interesting custom couch design can be based on the French ottomane. This is an oval shaped, upholstered couch whose arms curve inward. These couches can have beautifully carved frames made out of gilded wood.


One style of couch to consider is the confidante. This is a three seated couch attached in a single unit. The end sets are smaller, angled away from the long central seat and separated by arms. It’s also called a centre ottoman.

Other types of couches can have straight, curved or camel backs the same height or just slightly higher than the arms, which can scroll outward or slope downward to connect with the stiles. These couches can be upholstered in sumptuous fabrics that can be plain or patterned and filled with toss pillows.

Another type of couch is in the Recamier style. This style began in France and was further developed in America under such furniture makers as Duncan Phyfe. It is a beautifully curved couch with an often ornately carved frame. One end is always just slightly higher than the other, making it a restful daybed. A related couch is called a meridienne, which is a little shorter. Indeed, the different between a couch and a sofa, if there is one, is that the couch evolved from the French daybed.


The frames of Victorian couches are often richly, and some may believe excessively, carved. The frames are often made of rich woods such as mahogany, walnut or rosewood that are carved with scrolls and foliage. Some types of Victorian couches are called settees, and they often come as part of a parlor set. The upholstery is deep and made out of fabric such as velvet. The upholstery is often tufted.

One interesting Victorian couch is called a tete-a-tete. This is an S-shaped couch that allows two people to sit shoulder to shoulder but facing in the opposite direction. This also allows them to face each other to talk. A circular sofa, also called an ottoman or a borne, has a center pedestal surrounded by upholstered seats and back. Circular sofas are often put in the center of the room and become the room’s focal point.